General aspects on mosquito traps

Mosquitoes are extremely difficult to control. For millions of years they developed extraordinary capabilities to identify the most promising targets (ether blood or sugar) and they do not waste energy on “misleading” objects.

What we try to do with our traps and bait stations is cheating experts to look for blood/sugar where there is none.

By accumulating attractive elements you increase the catch, exponentially. The comboTrap is based on effective attractive elements like scent, humidity, heat, light, color and shape.

Please note: the comboTrap is also equipped with TiO2 which is supposed to release a small amount of CO2; this fact can be used for marketing but it is questionable if the amount of CO2 is effective (unpublished research).

The comboTrap is small, portable, easy to handle, safe, but at the same time extremely effective.

Background info

The comboTrap was developed by Westham Ltd. in conjunction with some Israeli entomologists.

Later Westham gave AMCOR (an Israeli company specialized in household equipment) the rights for manufacturing and marketing the trap.

Amcor started to sell the trap under the brand name 'IntelliTrap' last year in the US but recently terminated all its activities and closed its office in Northern America.

Because of this situation Westham intends to market the trap from the year 2010 in the US.

Current situation

In the US the intelliTrap/comboTrap is presently sold via the internet for about 150$.

Amcor managed to sell a few thousand units in South-East Asia.


CO2 is a desired attractant; however it is banned from indoor use, relatively expensive to be created in effective amounts and not feasible for small inexpensive traps.

Common, efficient and popular lures for attracting mosquitoes are Lactic Acid and Octanol. Both attractants are as synthetic chemicals in the market and can consequently be only used outdoors.

Westham's attractant is food based, EPA exempt and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The trap is designed in a way to disperse the non-smelling attractant efficiently and economically


The trap was tested by several reputable Universities and the results were published in meetings of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA).

The comboTrap showed one of the best performances of all the tested traps outdoors (with no significant difference to the leading trap - within the sampling error) and was the best performing trap indoors (publication attached).

Because most customers are using mosquito traps in or close to patios, porches and other semi-indoor conditions, the “indoor results” are especially meaningful.

Uniqueness of the comboTrap

It can be used indoor and outdoor with its attractant.

Though it was originally designed for mosquitoes and other biting flies it is catching also very well nuisance and filth flies hence “comboTrap”.

The trap is the smallest one of all the well performing traps and beats many large but inefficient outdoor traps.

A retail price of 50$ - 70$ of such a trap can be a revolution in the mosquito trap market


The comboTrap is meeting the UL standards for indoor and for outdoor use

The comboTrap received the US Design patent no. 29/339,081 and has US patent pending for it features

The comboTrap combines several uses:

Indoor and outdoor useMosquito (main purpose) and fly trappingThe product has a UL approval. Attractant is food based and EPA exempted.

The UV bulb inside the trap can be easily replaced by the replacement bulb already in the box. The improved product to be manufactured next year will have a LED tube – with durability of 100,000 hours that requires no maintenance.

Added value:

The comboTrap has an excellent trapping rate and the feedback in every field test was exceptional.

Outdoor mosquito traps on the market today are significantly more expensive than comboTrap, and are relatively big and complex. The comboTrap is easy to use and handle, requires no chemicals or gas, safe to operate and environmental friendly.

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